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Membership to the Co‑operative allows the return of all surpluses to members in the form of subsidised wholesale prices and patronage rebates.

Nonetheless, a shareholder member automatically becomes part owner of ILG’s state of the art wide range wholesale distribution centres located in Erskine Park Business Centre, Western Sydney in New South Wales, Richlands in Brisbane, Queensland and Mount St John in Townsville, North Queensland.

The Co‑operative extends its members significant buying power with enhanced marketing opportunities through specific advertising under these banner groups.


A tailored e-commerce solution to suit our members’ independent retail operations, achieved in close collaboration with various Point of Sale Vendors. It is important to us that while we all work collectively as a co-operative, each of our members has the ability to function autonomously and embrace what makes them an independent, therefore working on initiatives that allow our members to adapt their own retail experience.


The ILG e-commerce solution offers members a platform to present their local communities and beyond, a user-friendly online shopping experience anytime and anywhere, increase customer reach and support their own brick & mortar set up. It includes the click & collect and home delivery options, as well as, a rewards program for recognising loyalty and patronage. Furthermore, is the ongoing marketing support through brand awareness and presence in various social media platforms.


The ILG E-Commerce solution is the most recent addition to the numerous benefits gained from being part of Australia’s largest liquor co-operative; a unique structure often copied but never equalled.


Our co-operative structure allows for the return of all surpluses to members in various ways including the subsidising of wholesale prices


Buying power from supplying over 1500 outlets Competitive prices over a wide range of products and well known brands. Procurement from various Industry Suppliers that are fellow shareholders of the co-operative


Ownership of the co-operative shared amongst fellow members. Ownership of two modern distribution centres offering an extensive range of products and excellent service. Ownership of six marketing groups committed to providing choice and flexibility to better service diverse business models
Modern signage and branding for store presence


Best electronic ordering facility in the Industry that is automated at outlet level
Members own portal


Press Advertising
Catalogue Advertising
Social Media Presence


Experienced Business Development
Executives supporting each member in the profitable operation of their business
Modern In-house graphic design studio
Retail Management and design Support
Retail point of sale systems support
Retail staff support and systems training
Complimentary business development workshops


Complimentary invitations to our ‘let’s get together events’ aimed at raising and bracing member relations