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ILG ‘Members’ are shareholders of ILG, who are welcome to join one of the co‑operative’s marketing groups.

At ILG, it’s all about our members. Our family is rich in history, strong in member relations and committed to exceptional service.


To qualify for memberships, you must hold a financial interest

in a Liquor License for the purpose of manufacturing, wholesaling,

distributing or retailing in the State of NSW and/or QLD.


To become a member of ILG and receive the associated benefits, you need to become a shareholder of the Co‑operative. The total paid‑up value of the shares is $750.

You will receive an investment certificate detailing your current investment status.
Note: Your share capital is fully refundable should you elect to resign from the Co‑operative at any time.

Membership may be obtained through an endorsed transfer of shares from an outgoing owner to the new owner of that outlet.

Note: A Member’s financial exposure to the Co‑operative is restricted to his/her outstanding account.

A prospective member must complete the ILG required forms. Your application will then be processed and submitted for approval at the next scheduled Board Meeting.

It is a mandatory requirement that a credit check is carried out on all membership applications prior to the membership being granted and credit being offered. This is standard business practice.

Bannered Members enjoy the added opportunity to take advantage of the various services offered by our STUDIO and the Retail Services Team, over and above the co-operative’s ‘Member’ benefits.

Alternatively, liquor retailers who require time to trial the co‑operative’s services prior to becoming a member, are welcome to purchase from ILG as a ‘Customer’.

Trading as a customer at ILG extends you the use of the Members Web Site for all your ordering requirements.

However, as a Customer and not a shareholder member, limits your opportunity to take advantage of the co‑operative’s various Member benefits.

ILG takes pride in its exemplary member services and confident in our ability to add value to your business. Trialling our services as a ‘Customer’ will leave you no choice but become a ‘Member’. All it takes is to invest $750 in ILG shares.