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The business supports many different
channels with the membership consisting
of hotels, bottle shops, clubs, bars and
restaurants. ILG has recognised the need for
a flexible approach to our banner groups.


Also supporting and providing benefits to
on and off premise outlets. Ask your ILG
representative for a more detailed brochure
outlining the benefits and responsibilities
of joining one of our banner groups.


Inspired by the former hub of London’s
newspaper industry, Fleet Street personifies
a contemporary twist to a rustic ambiance.
The brand concept was developed to offer a
particular group of merchants looking for a
polished modern identity that will attract a
fusion of clientele within their topographical


Introduced to the public in January 2009 the
Bottler brand has been taken up by many
ILG members who now enjoy the benefits of
distinctive store identification, prominent
advertising, competitive pricing, product range
and effective point of sale displays.


Introduced in January 2012 the Super Cellars
brand is being taken up by ILG members as
alternative branding to Bottler. For venues that
want the benefits of strong store identification,
major advertising, competitive pricing, range
and effective point of sale.


This group is designed for large clubs that
want group buying power and have a strong
membership base. The leverage of this membership
base will be done by promotion and advertising
via an in-house program such as members
monthly journals or the club bottleshop.

ILG On Premise

ILG On Premise is a buying group that is
designed to offer a great price, excellent
range of products, convenience of online
ordering. Members have full access to our ILG
buys and supplier discounts with a quick and
effective delivery to your venue


A banner group for hotels with bottle
shops that want the benefits of group
buying power and a planned advertising
program. The outlet will still maintain
its independent identity.