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Our co‑operative structure binds us with community development and support. ILG is committed to community development activities that promote participation, inclusion and partnership. This commitment is channeled in two ways, internally through its workforce and externally through its members. To the members’ end, ILG’s community activities are targeted towards adding value to their independent businesses that allow them to be the avenue in supporting their respective local communities. To the staff end, ILG practices diversity and inclusion, appreciates and respects the difference in gender, age, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, religion, lifestyle, culture and education.


ILG is an ardent advocate of equality as instituted in the set of co‑operative values and principles that it adheres to. The co‑operative principles are guidelines by which co‑operatives put their values into practice. These principles strongly support a level playing field in conducting the co‑operative’s commercial responsibilities.