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The Independent Liquor Group Co-operative Limited was formed in 1975 to provide a vehicle by which independent retailers and hoteliers were able to secure a level of protection against the massive buying power of the larger corporations. The co-operative model was chosen because of the benefits derived by the individual retailers and hoteliers. Each member has an equal say in the activities of the co-operative.

The co-operative is governed by its rules and is registered under the Co-operatives National Law applied in NSW by the Co-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012.

In 2020, the QLD Parliament passed the Co-operative National Law Bill 2020 which has brought to fruition the nationally harmonised scheme of legislation regulating co-operatives Australia wide.

Elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting, the Board of ILG oversees the rules and ensures that the policies, practices and processes implemented by management are in the best interest of the stakeholders of the co-operative.